Baby Rhythmic Gymnastics

London Sport Academy is offering Baby Rhythmic Gymnastics classes for kids born in 2015 and 2014. There are a lot of benefits for kids to start Rhythmic Gymnastics. Gymnastics develops a strong foundation for skills needed in all sports.  Because it’s fun to do gymnastics, children develop positive feelings associated with exercise and fitness that can last a lifetime. Focus, concentration, visualization, listening and following directions, goal setting.  For many children gymnastics class is their first experience working with a teacher.  Because it’s fun they chose to participate, resulting in a positive ‘class’ experience.  This creates a successful model for them as they enter school.  And, as they master basic skills, they set goals to learn more advanced skills.

Recreational Rhythmic Gymnastics

Recreational Rhythmic Gymnastics Classes are for children, born in 2013 and older. There are no time and age limits when child can start Rhythmic Gymnastics.

Confidence, stress management, and working through fearful experiences.  Learning how to manage the fear associated with new experiences will enhance a person’s life.  Whether it’s learning a cartwheel or speaking in front of your class at school – associating risk and fear with joy and excitement instead of apprehension and dread will make a lasting difference in anyone’s life.  Because we introduce new skills only when they are achievable (the student is ready to succeed), and because we define success as personal best instead of better than others (our non-competitive philosophy) children quickly become comfortable trying new things expecting to succeed (improved confidence).

Competitive Rhythmic Gymnastics

Competitive Rhythmic Gymnastics Classes are for children with professional Rhythmic gymnastics experience only. 

Private Rhythmic Gymnastics

London Sport Academy is offering Private Rhythmic Gymnastics Classes for all Levels and different Clubs in the UK. 

Individual Routines Design

London Sport Academy is offering Individual Routines Design within BG and FIG standards and requirements. Only for Level 3 and above.

Available for all Clubs.

East London

SportsDock, E16 2RD

Stratford, E15 4LP



Ark Putney Academy, SW15 3DG


Lee Chapel Primary School

The Knares, Basildon, SS16 5RU


North London

The Compton School, 

North Finchley, N12 0QG


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Fully Registered with London Gymnastics Federation and British Gymnastics Federation

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