Very often, parents whose children have recently started rhythmic gymnastics ask the coach a questions: Do you think my child has the talent and potential to do rhythmic gymnastics? Will she be a champion? ⠀ For us coaches, a child with potential- is a child who is in love with what he does. A child who is happy to run to the gym, listening to every remark of the coach, who tries very hard in training. But, in order to consciously determine whether a child will go to a big sport, it takes time, both for the child and the coach, and for the parent. Only over time, you can understand how the child is set up, what kind of contact a child will have with the coach, what she will want to strive for and how child will train. ⠀ In my practice, there were many cases when initially physically potential children (with a beautiful feet and natural flexibility) did not rise to the podium, and there were cases when children, without natural advantages, became excellent gymnasts and won competitions. Why is this happening? ⠀ I had two sisters in my gym, let's call them Amina and Diana (fictitious names). Amina was clearly better physically than her sister. She was with a natural flexibility. They came to training together, worked out the same elements together, and everything was much easier for Amina than for Diana. But for two hours of training, Amina managed to run to the toilet several times, go to wash her hands several times, chat with her friends, while Diana worked out her elements. And when competition came, Diana was on the first place, and Amina came sixth. Why did this happen? Well, because, Diana, realising that she does not have natural potentiality, trained with diligence and responsibility, and Amina, realizing that everything is easy for her, she did not put much effort in to her work. If we draw conclusions, we can say that not always a child who is said to be "potential" can become a champion. After all, no one has canceled such a concept as hard work and efficiency. ⠀ #gymnasticscoach #gymnasticsparents #forparents #needtoknow #gymnasticsmum #parenting #rhythmicgymnastics #gymkids #gymparents #gymnasticsdads #gymnasticsmumsuk #gymnasticsmums #ukgymnastics

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