Many people think that the job of a coach is only to work with their students, but this is not the case. In addition to the athletes themselves, coaches have to deal with parents, work colleagues, coaches from other clubs, as well as with higher authorities, which are federations. To dispel the myth that the coach works only in the gym, I will say that the work of the coach does not end only with being on their training hours. Coming home, the coach analysing each training session, the successes or failures of each child in his group, tries to understand where and how to increase or reduce the load, and also selects music for each of his students. I will say more, very often we, coaches, even have to become home DJs in order to cut the music chosen for the future composition, because in rhythmic gymnastics there are strict rules that apply to the choice of a music track, its duration, and its content. We develop new programs for cutting music and try to be always in the top of new music trends, compositions and authors. In addition, almost every coach spends a lot of his "personal" time, to the detriment of his family, to view hundreds of videos from international competitions, videos of dance festivals just to create one beautiful composition. Now imagine that each coach has at least five people in the group and each of them has at least two songs. The question may arise: why is it so difficult for each child to choose music? Why not choose one song for several people from the group? Yes, I do not argue, this happens when several gymnasts perform to the same music, but this usually happens either with gymnasts of the first or second year of training, or with little kids. But when a gymnast reaches a certain level, the coach's task is to "dissolve" the gymnast like a flower, in order to find her individual style that will suit her and her character. Hundreds of gymnasts passed through my coaching hands and, believe me, each of them was a bright individual. ⠀

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