IX Open International Rhythmic Gymnastics Championship “Winter London Cup 2019” 




Upon arrival each gymnast is asked to check-in (registration). This is a very quick procedure during which we mark that particular gymnast has arrived. There is a dedicated person on the gates with a laptop running a check-in software who will assist gymnasts with the procedure. We will let every gymnast or coach to listen to their music in order to make sure that the correct soundtrack is allocated to each routine. All the withdrawals that are not yet reflected in the running order must be reported at this stage so that they are properly announced.


All the approved results are immediately shown on the scoreboards. During the competition the results are also published in real time on Competium web site https://www.competium.org so the spectators and coaches could see them on their mobile devices.

Live Streaming

Live Streaming from Winter London Cup will be available for public. Please follow this link:


Competition Hashtag



London Cup International RG Competition



Additional Information

Hot food and drinks for all gymnasts and guests can be purchased at the caffe. (Judges are served by the organisers).

Photos by professional photographer will be available during competition (printed) and after (digital).

Rhythmic Gymnastics uniform, apparatus, leotards can be purchased at the RG shop during competition.

Entry tickets for non-competitive children and guests will be available at the entry.

Cash only.

Adults £10
Children £5
Infants FREE

Please make sure you do not leave any rubbish behind you.

We do not take any responsibilities for the lost properties. 


Fully Registered with London Gymnastics Federation and British Gymnastics Federation

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