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Welcome to our branch in Beckton

If you want to join our Beckton branch you will need to fill the request form in "Contact us" section and our admins will contact you shortly to invite your child for the trial class. 

Please note that we will require a trial class fee for the first trial class.

If for any reason you cannot attend at the trial class when offered or wish to remove your child from it, the deposit will not be refunded. Otherwise, deposit will cover the first trial class the child attends. 


We will contact you to provide the details of a trial class as soon as one becomes available using the  contact details which you have provided.

What do your child need to bring for the trial class:

  • Black leggings or shorts

  • Black top

  • White socks

  • Hair must to be done to a ballet bun

Our Details


University Of East London 


4-6 University Way,


E16 2RD

Contact Person: Galina


Thank you, we will contact you shortly

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