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We are accepting new students for all our branches

If you want to join us you will need to fill the request form in the "Contact us" section and our admins will contact you shortly to invite your child for the trial class. 

Please note that we will require a trial session fee.


(please read carefully before signing)

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We offer a full range of gymnastics and sport related programs for all levels of ability and interest. We have a caring, qualified, and enthusiastic staff; many of who have over 11 years of gymnastics instructional experience.

We provide a safe and kind training environment where the "child" comes first. The amazing, talented instructors at London Sport Academy will do just that. We hope that some of the life lessons learned from gymnastics will be such a things as: confidence, leadership, self-motivation, lifelong fitness knowledge and team work.

Thank You for the opportunity you have given us to teach your children. It is an honour and a privilege, neither of which is taken lightly. Please enjoy your journey with us; we are extremely delighted to have you along!

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Why Rhythmic Gymnastics is good?
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Rhythmic gymnastics is a unique fusion of sport, dance and art. Rhythmic gymnastics is a performance choreographed to music accompanied by bright balls, ropes, hoops, ribbons, and clubs.
Rhythmic gymnastics is very popular among girls as a sport that harmonises body movement with the beauty of music and the grace of dance. The core of rhythmic gymnastics is self-expression. Dynamics of gymnastics, technical knowledge of ballet and rhythm of dance – all these are combined in amazing performance, where each movement involves a high degree of athletic skill.

Girls come to rhythmic gymnastics classes to learn graceful movements, increase flexibility, develop strength and coordination.

Doing gymnastics is a great way for kids to gain positive self-esteem and become more confident, stay fit, organised and goal-oriented.


In exchange for these benefits rhythmic gymnastics requires hard work, concentration, dedication and a lot of practice.

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Recreational and Baby Gymnastics
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Our Recreational and Baby program is a progressive program for girls ages 3 and up. Children are divided by age and skill level. Each level has specific goals and these are designed for each child’s skill level both physically and mentally. 


No experience needed here – anyone can try our gymnastics classes for beginners!

LSA Recreational and Baby rhythmic gymnastics program is designed to give kids a basic understanding of rhythmic gymnastics and focuses on learning necessary skills and having fun exercising. Despite not being a competitive program we take our recreational rhythmic gymnastics classes very seriously and ensure the children are learning correct techniques. Our main goal is for students to have fun as they become stronger, healthier, and more confident in their abilities.

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Competitive Gymnastics
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London Sport Academy is a place for competitive gymnasts to receive highly professional training and improve physical development. 


Through individual attention, we provide our rhythmic gymnastics program to best meet the needs of each gymnast.


We are proud to create an outstanding training gymnastics environment for all children, where we develop young talents of London and Essex, preparing them for the competitions and leading them to new victories and personal achievements.

Our Competitive Rhythmic Gymnastics Program is designed for gymnasts Level 3-5, including classical Russian ballet training.

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Feel free to contact us
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Thank you

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